Great teams will find the right markets and build winning technologies. We are early-stage investors, so we don’t expect the product to be ready to scale or the company to be generating significant revenue. That’s okay–we are looking for hints of greatness in the care of agile and dynamic teams.

  • GREAT Teams: We invest in world-class teams of 2-3 founders with complementary skills and passions that run circles around the competition.
  • Recurring Business Models: Yes, cash is king.  But recurring cash reigns supreme. We look for sustainable, recurring business models.
  • Growth Potential: We look for large markets that can support big companies. If the market isn’t large today, it should be growing FAST.
  • Unique Insight: Why now? And why you? We’re looking for founders with unique insight to support a founding vision.
  • Insanely Great: We aren’t interested in tech that is incremental or “good enough.” We invest in tech that is insanely great.