What to Know Before You Go

Dedicating your life to starting a company is serious business.  It’s a hard, lonely, and severe journey that’s not for everyone.  Unfortunately, most people jump into entrepreneurship without really understanding what they’re getting into.  Your startup is going to take everything you’ve got (and then some), which means you’ll work around the clock.  Weekends?  What weekends?  Those are gone also.  Consequently, your family and social life will take major hits, as you won’t have the time or money to maintain your current lifestyle.  You’re on your own to sink or swim, and if you don’t sell then your family doesn’t eat.  The pressure can crush the average person.

This chapter sheds light on what to anticipate before you dive in head first, how to set yourself up for success, and what questions you should ask so you can understand what you’re about to get yourself into.