Here are two truths about starting a company that might surprise you: First, you don’t have to create the next Google to be financially successful.  There are more millionaires made from boring block and tackle businesses like stanchion manufacturers or shampoo distributors than high-flying tech stars we read about in the Wall Street Journal.  Second, you’re more likely to fail if you start out trying to create another grand slam like Google.  Why?  Shooting for the moon requires more capital and time, brilliant and brilliantly executed strategy, and – most importantly – a lot of luck.  As you start up, realize that you don’t have to create the next Google to make a lot of money.  And don’t be ashamed of the fact that you’re trying to build a $10 million business instead of a $10 billion one.  While all your friends are trying (and failing) to take down Google you will be laying the foundation for your personal independence and wealth.  Keep working away, and you never know – one day you might wake up to discover that you’ve become the next Google.

Matt Sand

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