A big difference between large company managers and small business founders is the rate at which decisions must be made.  As an entrepreneur, you have to make rapid-fire decisions constantly.  You won’t have all the information most of the time, either.  It’s easy to put off a decision to wait for more information, a mistake known as paralysis by analysis.  To overcome this paralysis, realize that, especially with startups, decisions are temporary and nothing is set in stone.  If you make a bad call, learn from your mistake, take a mulligan and try again.  Much worse is to avoid decisions and block your progress.  You’re better off making a wrong decision now than not making any decision at all.  Make decisions quickly and react to what happens.  Push forward constantly and challenge your team to make quick progress.  If you’re doing it right, you should feel slightly uncomfortable with your velocity.  Anything less and you’re probably going too slow, and opportunities will pass you by.  Get in over your head and see what happens.

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