Like all entrepreneurs, you think that you have all the answers.  No, you know that you have the answers.  You are wrong.  What you have are assumptions, not answers.  You have fiction, not fact.  At the end of the day, feasibility is all about turning your assumptions into facts before you run out of cash.  Only when you have the facts can you evaluate whether your business can actually make it.  And, unbelievably, there is only one way to convert fiction to fact in a startup—get out of the building and listen to customers.  You are on a search for facts, and learning should be your top priority.  Unfortunately, you will never arrive at the truth by thinking harder.  Google will never be able to give you what you’re looking for.  Staying inside the office building more features will not sell more units.  Through these customer conversations you’ll get clues about the business, everything from right business model, to the customer pain points, to how and where to sell.  But the only way to get this knowledge is to get out of the building and ask.

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