We always hear about the unequaled abilities of superstar entrepreneurs.  Stories like these are juicy – the public and scoop-seeking reporters alike love them.  This skewed media coverage makes it tempting to think some people succeed because they’re blessed with special abilities.  Talk to enough successful founders, however, and a different picture emerges.  Their personalities are all over the map.  Some are in-your-face outgoing, for example, and others are shy and reserved.

There are a handful of attributes that contribute to a founder’s success, and they’re what you would expect – vision, leadership, design skills, risk tolerance, and interpersonal skills, to name a few.  While these traits may be necessary, they’re not sufficient.  At the end of the day, getting a company off the ground comes down to three indispensable attributes: passion, sales, and follow-through.   If you’re not passionate about your new venture, you won’t be willing to walk through walls to make it work.  Entrepreneurs are always selling – to prospective customers, partners, employees, suppliers, and investors.  Finally, it’s all about the execution and follow-through.  It’s about executing the plan and pushing through the boring, menial tasks to create something amazing.  If you excel in these three areas the rest will fall into line.

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