Big companies can afford to do four-day retreats in the mountains to do trust falls, sing Kumbaya, and pay outrageously-priced consultants to come up with impressively meaningless mission statements.  You don’t have this luxury.  You’re fighting a war with about as much hope of winning as your grandpa beating Deep Blue at chess.  You can’t afford a meaningless mission statement.  You need a rallying war cry that will inspire the troops to follow you on your kamikaze march.  You need something actionable.  You need what Guy Kawasaki calls a “mantra.”  A mantra is a three- to four-word phrase that captures the heart and soul of what you’re trying to accomplish. It needs to be inspirational, aspirational, and attainable – inspirational in that it moves and motivates your team to action, aspirational in that it’s a meaningful and worthwhile goal, and attainable in that it’s realistic and achievable.  Forget the $50,000 mission statement.  Spend an hour and come up with a mantra that inspires your company and makes things happen.

Matt Sand

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