Not all good ideas translate into good businesses.  Many doomed entrepreneurs start their businesses on a whim – they see an opportunity for a one-off product that would make their lives better.  Without carefully considering the business, they immediately set out to make the product, and try to build a business around it.  There’s more to building a thriving business than the idea alone.  Just because you can build something – or make a few sales – doesn’t mean that it’s a feasible business.  Think about everything that goes into creating a successful business – sales, distribution, marketing, product development, manufacturing, and much more.  As important as the idea is, a myriad of those factors all contribute to a business’s success.  Before Groupon became Groupon, the website helped people mobilize and take action.  Great idea, bad business.

Beyond the business dynamics, the idea itself can translate into a bad business.  Most ideas aren’t defensible.  If you get any traction, you can expect a lot of competition, so if you can’t fend off the competitors then you’ll have trouble becoming profitable.

When exploring your idea for a new venture, evaluate it as a holistic, defensible business opportunity, not just a great idea.

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