It will take hundreds of hours of practice and dozens of iterations to perfect your pitch. You’ll discover that things you thought were straightforward are too complicated to explain in one meeting.  In the beginning, you’ll be all over the place as you try to get through all of your material.  Most importantly, when you first start pitching you won’t have a strong sense of what investors will care about.

The only way to improve and get a sense of investors’ concerns is to pitch to real investors.  The more you pitch, the better you’ll get and the more you’ll learn.  As a result, save your best investor pitches for last.  Start with your least favorite investors to improve and get a sense of the investor mindset.  Learn what they’re most concerned about, how they evaluate your opportunity, and what gets them excited.  When you’re ready, blow away your top choice investors with a pitch that exudes confidence, addresses their concerns in advance, and showcases your company as a great investment opportunity.

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