Positioning is the process of creating a unique perception of your products, in the mind of the customer, as compared to your competition.  A positioning statement is the best way to succinctly capture your perception strategy.  It conveys the core target of the product, and how you want customers to view your brand.  A positioning statement is not a tagline or slogan, which is crafted to generate sales.  Rather, a tagline or slogan is derived from the positioning statement.  Use one of the following formats to write your positioning statement.

V1: <Product / Service / Company / Person> is the one <your category> that provides <your target customer> with <your key benefit> because <reason to believe you can deliver the benefit>.

V2: For <your target> who wants / needs <reason to buy your product/service>, the <your product or service> is a <category> that provides <your key benefit>. Unlike <your main competitor>, the <your product/service> is <your key differentiator>.

Once written, present your statement to prospective customers and industry veterans.  Does your positioning create a unique perception?  Are you sufficiently different from the competition, in an impactful and meaningful way?  It will probably take a few revisions to nail it.

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