The audience rarely likes to listen as much as you like to talk, especially when it comes to your startup.  Empathize with your audience, and make your presentation impactful and interesting for them. The best way to do this is to shorten your presentation and spend your time talking about what your audience wants to hear.  When it comes to the time you present, half as long is twice as good, and vice versa.

The easiest way to understand what your audience wants to hear is to ask.  Don’t tell investors what you think they want to hear.  Give them the elevator pitch and ask them what they want to know.  Get through your materials and onto Q&A as quickly as possible.  Focus on what matters to them.

When revising your presentation, cut out as much as you possibly can.  And then cut some more.  Send it to your co-founder or advisor and ask what you can get rid of.  Less is more, so become a minimalist.  The less you talk, the more time for questions and dialogue, which is where you learn what matters anyway.

Minimize the amount of time you spend talking – your audience will thank you for it.

Matt Sand

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