A use case is a great way to help your audience understand how your product or service will be used by your customers.  Typically, the use case is told as a story that showcases the pain you’re solving, and walks the audience through your product experience.  The miracle of a use case is that it allows your listener to understand, with great clarity, the problem you target and the benefit of your solution.  It takes a nebulous, theoretical concept and makes it concrete and tangible.  Through the use case, your offering becomes an imaginable solution to a definite problem or need.  For example, if you are pitching a radical new science that helps to manage emphysema, don’t lose your audience by diving into hardcore science.  Instead, explain how the large oxygen bottles that patients have to lug around are frustrating and embarrassing.  Then highlight how your solution will markedly improve the lives of those living with the disease.

There will be times when, no matter how detailed your explanations, your audience simply won’t understand.  A use case is a great way to hammer home your value, and help your audience appreciate why what you’re doing is so important.

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