From idea to sales, a startup’s launch path is invariably convoluted and confusing.  Regardless of industry or idea, successful entrepreneurs share a common philosophy that helps them navigate the tempestuous sea and build thriving businesses.  The lessons in this chapter capture the philosophy of the Agile Entrepreneur and create a solid foundation to build upon.  It will help you frame your thinking and maximize your discovery process.

There are two overriding themes that emerge in this chapter.  First, the best entrepreneurs realize that they don’t have all of the answers.  They’re able to walk the fine line between being focused yet agile, and visionary yet reactive.   This crucial theme is carried throughout the book, especially in the next section on feasibility.

Second, founders understand that starting a company is not about dreaming, it’s about doing.  This is the biggest factor that differentiates the winners from the losers.  Some people plan, others act.  The best founders are quick to make decisions and then act immediately.  They realize that few decisions are final, which means it’s almost always better to act first and plan later.

As you read through this chapter, look for these themes and apply what you can to your startup immediately.