When we think about nearly every major business success of the past few decades, images of the lone CEO-founder come to mind.  Occasionally we see two-person teams like Larry and Sergey at Google.  But rarely do we ever hear about or see the dozens (or hundreds) of teammates that back up these leaders.  Entrepreneurship is a team sport and there’s no way around that—especially if you want to build the next game-changing startup like Google.  Particularly after achieving product/market fit, a founder’s role is primarily focused on building the team that will realize the grandiose vision.  Gone are the days when the founder is grinding alone in a garage.  Teams are required to scale, and a founder without a team is destined to crash and burn.  There’s only so much the founding team can accomplish on its own.  Strong team members backing up and challenging the founders quickly become a force multiplier and propel the founders to new heights.  The best founders know this and work hard to build a world-class team.

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