When you’re running a company, it can be hard to figure out how to improve continuously, week after week, month after month.  Fortunately, there’s an “easy button” hidden right in front of you — your star performers.  In any organization and any function/role, there are always standout employees.  Whatever it is, there are people who can find a way to do things better and faster than everyone else.  This is your key to unlocking massive organizational improvement.  You can study what your best performers do and how they act and distribute these findings to the rest of the company.  Is your best sales person positioning the company or its products in a certain way?  Have the rest of the sales force parrot this same language.  Is your best ops person using checklists to ensure nothing is lost or forgotten?  Learn this system and train the rest of the ops team with it.  Your star performers are your short cut to excellent performance across the organization.

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