When you first start out you spend half your time dreaming about how you’re going to spend all of the money you make, and the other half about worried that this is a crazy idea and it’s never going to work.  This sense of extreme uncertainty will stay with you until one day, when your business reaches a tipping point.  It is on this day that you realize that your business is going to make it.  The funny thing about the tipping point is how seemingly abrupt it is.  One day you’ll be worried about paying the bills, and the next you’ll wake up with a feeling of supreme confidence that your business is here to stay.

It takes time and faith to fight through the uncertainty every entrepreneur faces.  Unbelievably, most people quit on the 95 yard line.  Don’t let that be you.  Keep believing and don’t stop building.  If you work hard and catch a little luck, you might wake up one day to realize that your business has tipped.

Matt Sand

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