You are in total control of many things in your startup.  But there are two things that you have no control over – luck and timing.  While we like to think that we’re masters of our own destinies, Lady Luck always has a significant impact.  She creates uncertainty and anxiety, but she’s also one of the reasons why startups are so much fun.  Who knows when you’ll get your lucky break?

Equally important and frustrating is timing.  Your launch timing can make the difference between you being broke and a billionaire.  Would Facebook be what it is today if it had launched four years earlier?  Unlikely.  Would Bill Gates be one of the richest men in the world if IBM hadn’t come along to give him a ride?  Probably not.  Being too early is the same as being wrong, so look out for signs that the timing is right.  Usually, a market is ready for entry when the first few competitors have launched, but they haven’t quite figured it out yet.

Sometimes, what you can’t control is what keeps things exciting.  Think of luck and timing as part of the great adventure, and be sure to enjoy the ride.

Matt Sand

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