When starting out, you’re desperate for validation, customers, and revenue.  So you take on any customer who will have you.  To land customers, you make big promises and shower them with attention.  But then your business starts growing and your customer base becomes too big for such tender loving care. While this is a great thing, chances are that your first customers will always expect the same special attention and treatment.  They don’t understand (or care) that you’re trying to build a scalable business.  They want what they’ve always gotten.

Keep an eye on your customer base, because these kinds of demanding customers can quickly become a major organizational distraction, and damage your growth prospects.  Sometimes it makes sense to fire a customer.  Obviously, start by explaining your situation and asking them to fall in line.  If they don’t seem to get it, cut the cord.  You’ll be better off without them.  Don’t let imposing customers keep your business from reaching its potential.

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