Here’s an obvious truth: you can’t make money until you have something to sell.  If you have a website that’s half-built, or a product still under development, there’s no way to generate revenue.  Every day you spend in product development is another day that you’re not selling anything, which is one day closer to going out of business.  This is why the Minimum Viable Product is so powerful – build only what you need to get out of the building and start engaging with customers.  Make your offering “good enough,” and then start selling it.  The longer you delay, the longer it will take to start making money, and the harder it will be for your business to survive.

New entrepreneurs frequently overlook the fact that if you want to make money, you have to have something to sell.  Releasing your baby into the wild is never an easy thing to do.  You’ve given a significant part of your life to get to this point.  And the potential rejection looming around the corner is scary.  But that’s also why you’re going to succeed – you’re willing to put yourself out there and make it happen.

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