We all like talking about ourselves, and why not? But when you or your ads are selling to a customer, the focus needs to be on them.  Companies focus mistakenly on the features of their products, instead of the benefits gained from using them.  The problem is that prospects don’t buy features or products, they buy benefits and solutions. Every product has to solve a problem.

Take all of your features and translate them into benefits for the customer. Then start your sales presentation by asking, “How can I help you?”  Make the discussion about their problems, not about you.

Focus on benefits, not features.  If you’re selling IT consulting services, don’t pitch a prospect about system integration, new applications, or your experience. Instead, talk about the money they’ll save, and how much more productive they’ll become.  If you’re placing an ad for a new scooter, don’t brag about the engine size, the brake system, or the trunk. Instead, show how your scooter can saves gas money, makes them safer than other motorcycles, and makes their commutes more convenient.

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