Consumers buy on emotion.  Women buy beauty products to look like the models.  Men buy fast, expensive sports cars because of how they’ll look driving them.  While consumers buy on emotion, they justify with reason.  Purchases are usually rationalized after buying decisions have already been made.  To sell successfully, you need to understand your customer’s mindset – both emotional and rational.  First ask what their emotional triggers are.  What gets them motivated, and what scares them?  Then think about how your product delivers long-term value.

Marketing that leads with emotion and justifies with reason drives sales.  Emotions can be tricky because they are short-lived, so make sure that you deliver real value.  The way to do this is to sell them what they want, and deliver what they need. If you’re marketing a fitness program, sell six pack abs or a sexy beach body.  These emotionally charged ads will get people to buy.  But then deliver a comprehensive get fit program that delivers immediate value.  Eventually customers will get a six pack, but in the meantime they’re happy with the value of the program.  Sell wants, but deliver needs.

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