Whatever you do,

  1. Don’t write a business plan – this comes later
  2. Don’t try to get a loan – you won’t qualify anyway
  3. Don’t start building immediately – get feedback first
  4. Don’t rent an office – work from home
  5. Don’t advertise – what would you advertise, anyway?
  6. Don’t buy fancy equipment – rent or borrow, save your cash
  7. Don’t quit your job – there’s a lot of setup you can do first
  8. Don’t incorporate – worry about this distraction later
  9. Don’t look for a partner – explore the idea first
  10. Don’t hire for employees – start building it yourself

These are fatal mistakes that can doom your startup from the beginning.  They are either major distractions that pull your focus away from what matters, or they’re a waste of your precious startup capital.  Put first things first, and avoid these ten temptations.

Matt Sand

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