Founding a company is like having a baby. It takes just as much time, energy, and attention. Like raising a child, your startup is a direct reflection of you, and it’s up to you to make sure that it has the right values and mission. You have to protect it when it’s young, and help it grow up to be strong and independent. You pour your heart and soul into it, and will do anything to make it succeed. It sucks your bank accounts dry and you gladly pay.

If you have a business partner, it’s like having a spouse. In fact, in the early years you will likely spend more waking hours with your partner than your spouse.

Like parenthood, owning a business is also one of the most rewarding things you can do.  To watch your business grow into a powerhouse is amazing and inspiring.  To see that you created something where before there was nothing, to know that you made your own little dent in the universe, creates an unparalleled feeling of pride and satisfaction.

Before you get started, recognize that starting a company is a serious commitment.  If you are going to succeed, it will take the same dedication and lifestyle rearrangement as parenthood.  Are you sure you’re ready to bring a baby into this world?

Matt Sand

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